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January 20th, 2012

Support the Petition on Vandalism and Crime in our Business Community

Recently there has been various stories in the media about the level of vandalism and petty crime that has been occurring within our community and its impact on local businesses through broken windows, graffiti and so on.

The Chamber supports the call for better resourcing of police and Council to combat this as well as the use of CCTV cameras in strategic locations and known trouble spots.

Click Here to download the petition calling for signatures that has been started by businesses in Pialba.  Once completed, please fax to 1300 886 993 or email the Chamber at so we can forward your support onto the businesses organising the petition.

Please give consideration to supporting this as it is important that we as a business community make sure our businesses are secure and safe for all.

Bernard Whebell, President

Received & posted by Henry Sapiecha

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