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February 13th, 2011

Invest in Your Future

The unedited article is posted with no input or opinion from the editor

Help ensure that we elect better Councillors to the Fraser Coast Regional Council (FCRC) at the next elections.

If you desire a proactive Council that will provide us with –

Ø  A more realistic system of rates and Charges;

Ø  More transparent and responsive representation;

Ø  More accountability of where our money is spent;

Ø  More responsible use of Council money;

Ø  Opportunities for our children and grandchildren to have a better lifestyle.

Then we need your help to secure these results at the Council elections.

There are three (3) ways you can invest in the future of the Fraser Coast –

1.       Invest Your Time – Invest some of your time to talk to your friends and neighbours about what we are working to achieve. It is achievable if we all pull together. Also invest a little time to tell us about the issues that concern you and any solutions would like to see the Council implement. Help us to spread the word – there is a better way.

2.       Invest Your Energy – Through this year we need people to help deliver newsletters. If you walk for exercise or have some spare time and energy, you could be of great assistance to the cause by dropping off some newsletters along your way. The more we can deliver the wider we can spread the message that there is a better way.

3.       Invest Your Money – Just $10 to $20 each month will help us to continue to spread the word around the Fraser Coast. Think of pledging $10 – $20 each month as an investment. When we elect a new Council, the Councillors can vote to return the money paid by Wide Bay Water (WBW) to the FCRC back into the water and sewerage rates where it rightfully belongs. And this will mean a saving of at least $250 each year for you and every other user of the services.

It is a big job, there is no denying that, but with your help we can do it. Because we believe passionately that there is a better way for our Council to serve its people. We must make this potential into a reality before it is too late and we are forever condemned to be the poorest people of Queensland with too few employment opportunities, and too many expenses.

Please call Jim MacKellar on 0418732506 if you can be of assistance

Received & published by Henry Sapiecha

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