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February 22nd, 2010


The following is a brief of discussions at the monthly meeting of the Burrum Chamber of Commerce


Economic Development Advisory Committee, about 15 people on the committee to discuss the development of the area.

A very good initiative, where will it lead?

More directed at the future than the immediate.

Bill attended the Launch Economic Development Strategy meeting. About 50 people attended. A number of people not usually seen, attended the meeting.

Bob Hockey, Mike Berry – very important chap with Maryborough Sugar

Health Focus Committee

Bill is on the Health focus Committee and the Dialysis Group.

Bill attended the Health Focus meeting.

Since making a bit of noise, Chris Foley has activated a separate Health Task Force.. Health matters are a shambles.

Not concerned which political party members get involved as long as things get done!

Council have received a lot of criticism – some justified, some not.

FCCOC – Fraser Coast Chamber of Commerce

Have a meeting on Thursday night at Tiaro for the combined chambers

Bill, Mal, Councils Mayor & manager of  economic development Gerard O’Connell developers having a meeting regarding a proposed development. Developers were going to give up due to council issues. Have convinced them to keep going.  Gerard to check which council members attending.

Keep under the radar at this stage until more action has proceeded

Development of the Howard Trade & Services Centre is under way. So far interest from Wreckers and Tourism.

Mal had meeting re railway land.

Railway land still not dead in the water. Mal contacted Chris Foley, trying to get meeting with Transport dept. to find out why price of land doubled.

Everything still up in the air.

Possible New Library down the track and Day Time Caravan parking- KEEP TRYING

The old Torbanlea Museum site has been proposed  to  be cut into 4 blocks. Some of the old buildings from Torbanlea  to be  relocated to Howard.

Von asked if we can get a grant to buy Land or offer to lease. – Chamber would be liable for insurance etc so better if council owned.

Hoping it still comes through. It will be a big asset to the area and the council.

Bruce suggested write a letter and see if can lease. Linda suggested to find out the lease requirements would be to lease from Government as can be quite a lot of costs involved.

Council more open to discussion.  Since article in paper, Mick Kruger coming for meeting from one phone call instead of 16 and a no show!

Council Media release – re newspaper report of $7 million in debt of infrastructure charges.

Gerard – Not in debt, but short of the money anticipated. Developers have not gone ahead with developments due to infrastructure fees, global crisis, banks

Mal suggested down due to difficulties with getting projects through.

Since amalgamation, Council has spent 2 years settling it down – should see a lot of go ahead the next couple of years.

Still under old Hervey Bay Zone, Same infrastructure fees as Hervey Bay but service level varies.

Fees are kept at the original level for the length of the approval.

Caravan Park found process with the council ok

Advice is to have everything ready and don’t make changes once submitted.

If you make changes, you have to start back at the beginning.

Debbie has found Council very good. Used an architect so everything was done correctly and everything is going well

Linda – Check Council website, Planning shows applications received and approved.

Fire overlay causes delays – this is not set by council

Private planners are there for their own business

It’s not just what happens, but the perception of what happens.

The RV Park in newspaper has already been approved.

Bruce queried shed approvals not issued unless house plans submitted as well.

This has been procedure for quite a while, to stop people building sheds and living in them and never building house.

What happens if build shed then can’t afford to build house? Would council pull down the shed? Not sure.

Mining Lease for Keith Barker – Mining lease has been submitted. Aldershot residents not happy. Thought only 5 million tonnes of coking coal but now think about 57 million tonnes.

Shipping still to be worked out, can’t use the Bundaberg Sugar facilities due to contamination concerns.

Mine supposed to open mid 2011


Gerard spoke about the the Farm and Nature Tourism (FANT) Project

Seafood  is one the suggested industries for our area.

He is hoping to have a meeting with the consultant in the next month.

Has had a meeting with State Development, they are interested in Rural area. May survey to see what people in the area want.

Are making progress.

One of the Themes of in the Economic Development Strategy Plan is Rural Development.

Members to contribute ideas.

Von asked if any plans to re open the information centre in Matilda.

No, as they have developed an  information centre at Tiaro and also have Maryborough Town Hall & the Hervey Bay Airport.

Still working on Transport Hub for the area.

High School for area. Government has land on Burrum Heads Road, or maybe make one of the local schools a High School



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