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Community retail space promoting Fraser Coast entrepreneurs to becoming movers & shakers in commerce

July 2nd, 2018

A COMMUNITY run shop focussed in promoting local businesses, organisations and talent – that’s what the Wandering Teapot is going to be they say.

The unique dedicated retail space is scheduled to open inside Stockland Hervey Bay in September.

It will feature a display of cubes – each has its own shelf – with each to be rented out to be used for promotion by groups, businesses and individuals.

Once occupied by social enterprises and local entrepreneurs, the cubes will resemble a life-sized noticeboard.

Fundraising towards the Community Cubed by Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre is in progress, hoping to hit a target goal of $43,000.

Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre CEO Tanya Stevenson said the there will be 80 cubes, ranging in size to handle different forms of displays.

There will be an interview process to secure a spot in the display, with successful applicants to also receive mentorship and business support.

“The intention is to to help people become self-sustainable and help them grow their businesses,” Ms Stevenson said.

“Rather than setting-up a pop up shop, you could instead rent a cube which would be far cheaper.

“There will be some bigger cubes available to cater to products, for example if someone is selling clothes.”

People will be hired to run & operate the Wandering Teapot as well.

The intention is for the Wandering Teapot to also be the host location of seminars, events and networking.

A crowd funding page has also been set-up, which can be found here.


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March 4th, 2012

Invitation to UDIA’s International Women’s Day “The Great Debate” lunch
The Women’s Right To Vote Has Strengthened Our Country
8 March from 12 noon (Hervey Bay Boat Club)

International Women’s Day is about celebrating the vital role women play in enhancing economic security for their families, communities and countries as a whole, while recognising that significant barriers to achieving women’s ecomonic security and equality continue to exist.

Come along to this unique event where we will take a tongue in cheek look at debating one of the most significant changes to women’s place in our community – The women’s right to vote.

CLICK HERE to download the flyer and registration form.

RSVP closes Monday, 5 March, 2012.

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April 28th, 2011

Lisa our first female CEO

28th April 2011

THE Fraser Coast Council's first female CEO kicked up her four-inch heels yesterday as one of her most eagerly awaited days came to an end.New Fraser Coast Council CEO Lisa Desmond.

Karleila Thomsen Fraceo

THE Fraser Coast Council’s first female CEO kicked up her four-inch heels yesterday as one of her most eagerly awaited days came to an end.

Former Director of Corporate Services Lisa Desmond, who has been acting chief since Andrew Brien packed up for Western Australia last year, was officially handed the top job in yesterday’s council meeting.

There were 56 applicants for the position, six of whom were short listed, but ever since the position was declared vacant Ms Desmond has been the hot favourite.

Still, the relief and joy was obvious on Ms Desmond’s face when mayor Mick Kruger re-opened the confidential section of the meeting and announced she had been the successful applicant.

When the meeting was over Ms Desmond was embraced by fellow directors Wayne Sweeney and Peter Smith and the 10 councillors present.

For almost 20 years Ms Desmond has been crunching numbers in council departments and has put together countless budgets.

While council officials have never been drawn on the exact salary the former CEO received, the position reportedly fetches about $280,000.

Ms Desmond said she was proud to be the first female to take on the role and hoped she would be a positive role model for young women in the region.

“It’s a privilege to be one of the few senior females in local government in Queensland,” Ms Desmond said.

“I hope I can live up to the expectations that go with that.”

Sourced from Fraser Coast Chronicle by Henry Sapiecha


Comments to the editor of the FC chronicle

We hope that the number crunching by our newly appointed Fraser Coast Council CEO Lisa Desmond differs from days past as it did not work for this area as of late.

Are we in for more of the same or what is going to be so different.

What is she going to do that is going to change things?

Will she change things for the better prior to the next local election?

Councillors have been privy to Lisa’s arguement why she should be appointed but not us the public. So since they made the decision for us, they will have to answer to the public at the next local elections if Lisa Desmond does not deliver the goods before the election

If not , then the current councillors who supported this appointment will be facing the polls and the people.

Women are great people and they play a very important part in business & governments throughout all regions. One must however note that they now over dominate the FC councillor numbers in addition to this very important appointment.

Council records past decisions by women councillors have indictaed a support to increase development charges with  male councillors voting against increase of developers charges.[One is told]

There  are currently 7 female and 3 male FC councillors.

Is this appointment going to continue such an approach to increasing charges & squeezing dollars from developers already on the edge or moved out of the area.?

The shovel ready approach by council appears merely to be a band aid approach and has serious flaws, but sound in concept nevertheless.

The new CEO needs urgently to mean business when it comes to attracting developers back to the region as well as fast tracking applications, where jobs are at stake

What part was played in the past and or input had by the new CEO Lisa Desmond in the developers crisis that mushroomed here & is still here @ the Fraser Coast???

We elect our representatives carefully as the councillors should elect the CEO carefully.We all hope that this decision is the right one and wish her success working for the people who pay her and the Councillors. This appointment would not have been an easy task for the council, but it had to be done.


The persons from council on the appointment committe.Mick Kruger, Julie Arthur & Dave Dalgleish are competant persons and we all hope have made the right choice for the future prosperity of the region.

Our newly appointed CEO Lisa Desmond will certainly be under intense scrutiny during the following several months leading up to the next local elections.Was she just a safe bet for the councillors, better the devil you know etc., or did she present an outstanding arguement to the appointment committee

The voting public should be aware of the imbalance of sexes in council at the next local election perhaps or if happy maintain the staus quo.

The above comments are open for discussion generally and correction if information herein is deemed to be inaccurate or misleading

Fraser Coast Commerce & Industry Web site


March 3rd, 2011

24 February 2011
International Women’s Day morning tea

The Fraser Coast is now on the map of centres joining the National Rural Women’s Coalition to celebrate the centenary of International Women’s Day on Tuesday, 8 March 2011.
The National Rural Women’s Coalition has invited women across the country to join them at a Morning Tea and Interactive Webinar with ABC radio and television host, Geraldine Doogue.
The morning teas will be linked together by webcams.
Fraser Coast Regional Councillor Belinda McNeven has enthusiastically taken up the charge to celebrate.
“This is a fantastic opportunity for Women of the Fraser Coast to meet in Maryborough and hear from Geraldine Doogue as well as other women from across Australia. International Women’s Day is all about working together – we are looking forward to the women of the Fraser Coast sharing their stories.”
The morning tea will connect women across the country to provide a unique opportunity for women in rural, regional and remote areas to network and learn about the National Rural Women’s Coalition’s latest initiative – the National Rural Women’s Network.
Belinda said that it was fantastic to have an event of this calibre being organised on our doorstep and congratulated the National Rural Women’s Network on the great work they do.
Cr McNeven said “It’s great to see Maryborough on the map with the other areas across Australia that are joining in the morning tea.” Those locations can be seen at
The Fraser Coast morning tea and Interactive Webinar will be held at the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough on International Women’s Day, Tuesday, 8 March 2011 from 10am to 11.30am.
Bookings are essential as space limitations limit the venue to 50 participants.
The register contact Toni Souvlis on 4197 4458 or Kellie McElligott on 4190 5747 by Thursday, 3 March.

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February 13th, 2011

Melbourne Flights Update
Dear Maybe Melbourne Supporter

Firstly, let me thank you for the incredible support that this campaign has generated. We received over 3600 emails or letters in support of a new air route to be established between Melbourne and Hervey Bay.

At this stage, I do not have anything super positive to report. We have been in constant negotiations with the airlines and they are still very keen to explore the establishment of a new route when the economic climate is more stable. Whilst we missed out on the summer scheduling, we are by no means out of the race.

Please be assured that I will continue to give this project my energy and dedication, and hopefully in the future, we will all be able to fly to Melbourne on a direct flight.

Once again, your support is not only much appreciated, but critical to the cause.

Kind regards

Anne Nioa
Cr Anne Nioa
Fraser Coast Regional Council

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September 24th, 2010

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June 24th, 2010

Dear Members and Guests,

Friday, 30th July

Pink & Pampered

Save the date

for our next ‘Women in Business’ Luncheon.

The theme for the afternoon will be awareness, fun & friendship.

Our aim is to raise as many funds as we can to go towards much needed support for local breast cancer patients.

Our guest speaker for the afternoon will be Angela Wotherspoon – our local Breast Care Nurse. But it’s not to be all serious, the ‘pink bubbles’ will be available and we need some pampering to celebrate all the good stuff that comes with being female; with support from local businesses to highlight the upcoming trends in hair, make-up and fashion.

As with most fundraising events we need your help, so if there are any businesses out there who wish to assist by way of sponsorship or in kind – we need raffle prizes, lucky door gifts etc.  We will have a special ‘auction’ item in the form of a certain type of swimwear that is signed by Tony Abbott – you could be the lucky owner of the potential PM’s signed swimwear.

Date: Friday 30th July 2010

Time: 11:45am for noon

Cost: $50 per head for members and $60 non-members OR $450 per table of 10

Venue: Fraser Room – Hervey Bay Boat Club

And this event is not just for the Women, our male supporters are encouraged to come as well, so if you know of someone who would like to attend, please forward this email.

Official invitations will be forwarded in the next few weeks advising of more detail but at this point just mark your diaries off for the afternoon and contact Debbie Potts with your sponsorship and/or gift items on 4128 2066 or

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April 25th, 2010


My very small contribution to those gallant men and women who have served or are serving our country.These photos which I had taken on the morning of the 25th April 2010 @ Howard Queensland Australia are available to download for any persons who wish to avail themselves of memories of this event and what it represents.

Distinguished guests mingled with the community and we were all as one humbled by a common thread to honour the fallen

Henry Sapiecha



Wide Bay District Developments Pty Ltd
Mearcon Developments Pty Ltd
QHL Queensland House and Land

View and download the photos here


March 25th, 2010



caution yellow roll

Caution Women on the Move!!!!

Be part of this exciting event; exclusive sponsorship opportunities available now!!!

Are you committed to empowering Women in the workforce? Are you an employer who can identify excellent potential in many of your female employees? Are you freshly out of university and ready to introduce yourself to the world as the capable, intelligent and successful Woman that you are? If so, the GEA & GAGAL

Women Shaping Industry Conference 2010 is for you!

Encourage women to take up meaningful careers in Industry and Leadership Roles in the community by sponsoring the Gladstone Engineering Alliance Inc. in association with GAGAL, inaugural Women Shaping Industry Conference 2010

Why should my organisation be involved?

  • Reinforce company profile and establish brand recognition
  • Instantly reach an estimated 200 delegates
  • Highlight your place in Industry
  • Network and develop new partnerships
  • Gain key contacts within Industry and Business
  • Coverage in the leading media
  • Raise the profile of Women in Industry
  • Encourage young Women to take up meaningful careers in Industry
  • Provide Sponsors and Speakers with linkages to Women studying for careers in Industry
  • Official Conference Dinner and exclusive Sponsor and Speaker ONLY networking event

Tell me more about sponsorship packages available?

Exclusive ‘Sponsor & Speaker Harbour Cruise’ Sponsorship package:

Enjoy a relaxed evening on Gladstone’s magnificent Harbour enjoying a variety of seafood delights over a cold beverage whilst promoting your Business to over 200 delegates.

Benefits –     Logo Acknowledgement on all promotional material

–       Receive exclusive naming rights for the Cruise

–       Verbal recognition as Sponsor and opportunity to address Harbour Cruise guests

–       Complimentary tickets to Conference, Cruise & Dinner worth over $2200.00

–       Much more!!! Please contact Allison at GEA for more information on benefits of this sponsorship package! 07 4972 9060

Exclusive ‘Formal Dinner’ Sponsor:

The Grand Finale! Enjoy the luxuries of a two course meal whilst being entertained by one of Australia’s funniest Comedian’s.

Benefits –     Logo Acknowledgement on all promotional material

–       Receive exclusive naming rights for the Dinner

–       Verbal recognition as Sponsor and opportunity to address Formal Dinner guests

–       Complimentary tickets to Conference, Cruise & Dinner worth over $3000.00

–       Much more!!! Please contact Allison at GEA for more information on benefits of this sponsorship package! 07 4972 9060

Other Packages available.

–       Conference Pen and Notepad Sponsor

–       ‘Delegate Industry & Regional Highlight Tour’ Sponsor

–       Conference Bottled water Sponsor

–       Conference Satchel Sponsor

–       Gold

–       Silver

–       Bronze

Contact Allison Andrewartha for more information on our Women Shaping Industry Sponsorship packages.

Ph: 07 4972 9060 Mob: 0429 729 061 Email:


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Received and published by Henry Sapiecha 25th March 2010