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No manager for FCO Fraser Coast Opportunities position

May 19th, 2015


EXTERNAL consultants will be employed by Fraser Coast Opportunities on a needs basis to replace the position of a full-time investment attraction manager.

Following a meeting on April 15, the Fraser Coast Regional Council voted to conduct a review into the structure of FCO.

Included in that structure review would be the appointment of an investment attraction manager, currently vacant along with the general manager role.

Despite a recruitment process being finalised and candidates short listed in April, Mayor Gerard O’Connell said the appointment was on hold.

But yesterday he confirmed the position would not be made into a full-time role in “the foreseeable future”.

Cr O’Connell said the benefit of not having an investment attraction manager was the ability to hire specific consultants.

“To be able to get ready-made firepower, if I can call it that,” Cr O’Connell said. “Consultants who have got very focused and expert abilities, we thought that would be a better use in getting the investment attraction.

“For instance if we were going to really ramp up investment attraction in aviation, let’s go and get an aviation expert.”

The investment attraction office has been left vacant since the highly respected Scott Rowe resigned in August 2014.

Cr O’Connell said momentum was building for the restructuring of FCO.

He and the council’s CEO, Lisa Desmond, along with councillors Stuart Taylor, Darren Everard and Chris Loft have removed themselves from the FCO board.

Expressions of interest have gone out for new independent directors

EDITORS NOTE:- Grand idea & workable if done in the right manner.

However it would still require a member of council to decide what area is needed to be promoted for the consultants to work on.

This little black duck [me] was the advisor for investment to the Pine Rivers Council in the shire at Brisbane north side before the amalgamations of the councils there.

I did the deals on a shopping centre at Kallangur & the huge AMCOR paper mill at Brendale by attracting them into the developments & even sold properties to the council & its head solicitor.

The council heads are aware of my & my credentials yet I received no expression of interest forms to fill out. So who did they send the forms to & decide not to appoint anyone anyway.

Does that speak of the quality of the applicants or just a change of direction by council?

What we have had to deal with in this council & previous councils is that none of them have had any real experience in developments & really have limited knowledge of what major investors want. Any investments made in this shire have already been decided by the investors & the council members are just shirt tailing the developments for political mileage.

We have good people on council but there need to be some experienced persons in the system.

Talk fests & committees are great if they are focused on what will attract developers & investors & action it accordingly.


Henry Sapiecha