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May 2nd, 2012

Fast tracking of development applications is said by Michael Ellery of the Fraser Coast Council to be under way and working after it was launched a few weeks ago to assist developers in getting approvals in a timely manner

Micheal Ellery who is a council executive manager for development assessment indicates a ten day turn around period for applications is a reality despite some teething problems.

He has quoted some examples of the fast tracking that has taken place over the last few weeks

Heritage Register listing-Medical Centre Main St HB-Industrial shed in MB.

So is the local Fraser Coast council finally on track? The results will speak for themselves in the near future as we have tackled rising high council application & headworks charges, slow processing times and decreased perceived property values by professionals in the industry and the public alike. How can it be justified that the smaller areas of the Fraser Coast like Howard, Torbanlea, Tiaro etc have to pay the same development charges to council as the Maryborough & Hervey Bay  areas do when the value of property resales bears no resemblance in recent times & developers are unable to makedevelopments in these areas financially viable as the returns are just not there.

Perhaps the council can take/ some space in these areas to give the general public & developers confidence  in these outlying areas when they see the council actually supporting these locations by taking direct action

We shall see where this all goes under the new leadership of the new mayor Gerard O’Connell and his new team recently elected.


NOTE-I have one such project called the Fraser Coast Trades & Services Centre which would benefit greatly as would the Howard community if the Fraser Coast Council would committ to some space there.

Published by Henry Sapiecha

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