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November 4th, 2010

Maryborough CBD Renewal Update

Following our General Business Community CBD Renewal Meeting held 13 August 2010, and workshop previously held which was conducted by newly elected Marketing Committee members, this workshop has developed a ‘working document’ that has formed the basis of our Marketing Plan.  Serving also as a reference guide, this document should be ‘dynamic’ in nature in order to capture ongoing inputs from future forums and discussions.

I would like to acknowledge:

– Vince Rovere (Operational Manager, TOAST Espresso Bar),

– Andrew Brien (Chief Executive Officer, Fraser Coast Council)

– Lisa Desmond (Director, Organisational Services, Fraser Coast Council)

– Councillor Gerard O’Connell (Fraser Coast Council)

– Bridget Edwards (DEEDI)

– Guy Meredith (Principal Ray White Maryborough) and

– Anne Maddern (Maddern Valuers)

Who were able to complete such a comprehensive marketing plan in a very short timeframe – well done!

I would also like to acknowledge Executive Team that consists of the following people:

–       Councillor Gerard O’Connell (Fraser Coast Council)

–       Andrew Butkis (Principal, Zip Print, Maryborough)

–       Anne Proctor (Anne’s Lingerie, Maryborough)

–       Jason Town (Manager, ANZ Maryborough)

–       Alan Wetton (Principal, LJ Hooker, Maryborough)

–       Vince Rovere (Operational Manager, TOAST Espresso Bar)

–       Guy Meredith (Principal, Ray White, Maryborough)

Who have been vital to the successful progression of the CBD Renewal Plan.

There are 2 parts to the Initial Phase of the ‘CBD Renewal Plan’.

1.Make a Priority List of the actions, strategies that we should attend to first in relation to aesthetics, infrastructure, communication, team and pride building, and building positive networks.

We have listed strategies / objectives to be achieved in Priority Order from 1 to 9 at our recent CBD Executive Meeting held Friday 27 August, 2010.  An overall timeframe and responsible authorities will now be attributed to each objective assigned in Priority Order.

2. Develop a simplified research project that can be actioned and deliver a report within a one to two month period.  This will identify all actions and strategies relevant to the CBD of Maryborough’s message communication, branding and positioning and will be addressed within the same timeframe as Phase 1.

By the end of the first timeframe (e.g. 3 to 6 months), we should be in a position to move into the execution phase of the Key Strategies in our plan.  This will require some investment from Fraser Coast Council, local government and private business. However, assuming the successful completion of the first phase of the CBD Renewal Plan, we should have a more positive and willing group of key stakeholders than would currently be the case.

9 Key Strategies have been proposed and elected in Priority Order from 1 to 9.  These key strategies range from ‘incentive programs to identifying key aesthetic issues and developing rectification plans that can be actioned quickly’.  The key strategies outline and incorporate all key tasks previously identified in establishment stages of CBD Renewal Plan.  These strategies are very exciting and vital for the progression of Maryborough’s CBD.

We will now be working closely with Fraser Coast Council, local government, and local business (individual business owners) to facilitate and coordinate relevant objectives to be achieved in a reasonable timeframe.

We are very grateful to have received great support by our Local Council.  At a recent executive meeting held Friday 17 September 2010, it was agreed that Council will provide assistance and are committed to working with the CBD Renewal Group on the 9 Priority Projects.

Council has formed an internal “CBD Taskforce Project Team” consisting of the Executive, Planning, and Engineering and Economic Development staff to undertake the following tasks:

Strategy 1 – Define “CBD” area
The Council Project Team is presently reviewing and confirming the Precincts identified in the Maryborough City Centre Development Strategy commissioned by the Maryborough City Council. This process involves collecting existing business uses and identifying vacant shops within each of the identified Precincts. These identified “Precincts”, will underpin the new planning scheme and assist in development within those precincts.

Following this it is then proposed that a meeting be organised with Council’s marketing team and the CBD Executive to discuss branding and consistent marketing strategies for the CBD and its “Precincts”.

Strategy 2 – Identify key aesthetic issues and develop rectification plan
Council has finalised plans for the replanting of garden beds etc within the CBD including cleaning of footpaths.   This work is scheduled to be undertaken over 3 weekends during October.

This would be a great opportunity to organise a “Spring Clean Maryborough CBD” day with Business Operators, the Council and the community.  Council has offered assistance with the provision of minor equipment (pressure cleaners etc); skip bins etc and depending on the interest from Business Owners the CBD may need to be closed.

A sausage sizzle could be organised for all involved. Any aesthetic issues should be identified prior to this day to ensure that tasks are co-ordinated and completed.

It has been decided a ‘Clean up Maryborough CBD Day’ will be held 14 November 2010 in the Maryborough CBD.  Action steps are:

– Tree Pruning (Kent Street Trees)

– Public Clean up (Gerneying footpaths, gutters, shopfronts)

– Window and Glass Cleaning (All shopfronts)

– General Cleaning

– Small Renovations

All business owners are encouraged to participate in this day. To record your interest and participation, please RSVP to or call (07) 4197 4457 to confirm your attendance.

We NEED YOUR SUPPORT to ensure this great step forward is a large success!

Strategy 5 – Incentive programs
Council will investigate options for incentive programs that will encourage the updating and repair of facades/awnings.  Part of this will include sourcing material prepared by the previous Maryborough City Council regarding style guide and affordable facade refurbishments.  In addition to this investigation will be undertaken on potential Development Concessions for businesses establishing or operating within the “Defined Precinct” areas.

Strategy 6 – CBD Pedestrian Friendly
Council is currently working on a proposal for a pedestrian friendly CBD area within Kent/Bazaar/Adelaide and improved linkages between the “Precincts”.  This will include a review of car parking. The scope of this project will depend on funding availability and further consideration by Council however when the concepts are finalised and approved by Council these will be submitted to the CBD Renewal Group for further input and discussion.

Strategies 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 will be issued for publication in the very near future.

The Key strategies identified in the CBD Renewal Plan will be approached in Priority Order so we will see successful change step by step, ensuring we create a positive environment for the growth of investment and commerce leading to the revitalisation of the Central Burnett District of Maryborough.

As Ernesto Sirolli once wrote, ‘the message is that person centred, responsive economic development works.  When a community can help motivated people succeed, the motivation spreads’

‘The future of every community lies in capturing the energy, imagination, intelligence and passion of its people’

Progress is and will continue to be made.

Many thanks,


Daniel Sanderson

CBD Renewal Chair, Maryborough Chamber of Commerce

© Maryborough Chamber of Commerce

Received & published byHenry Sapiecha

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