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August 13th, 2010

CCIQ Business Updates.

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Chamber of Commerce Queensland and Industry Queensland Business Update
30 July 2010

Commonwealth Bank CCIQ Pulse Survey of Business Conditions
June Quarter 2010

This quarter has seen a dramatic downturn in business confidence and conditions

at both a State and National level with all indicators falling sharply. This confirms

fears from the last quarter that the Queensland and Australian economies may not

yet be clear of the effects of the global economic uncertainty and outlook.

What is apparent from the June Pulse Survey is that more than ever, business and

consumer confidence and economic and political uncertainty have a profound

impact on the stability and performance of our economy. In the three months to

June 2010 a number of significant policy decisions and events including the

announcement and subsequent scrapping of the Resource Super Profits Tax,

the change of leadership in Federal Parliament and the ongoing speculation

on the federal election have culminated to depress consumer spending and

business profitability and growth.

CCIQ brings the above and attached information to your attention and kindly

requests you to take this into account in your deliberations over coming months.

Graph - 12 month outlook for Queensland and Australian economies

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