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July 12th, 2010


Bundaberg ? Fraser Coast updates on latest iniatives for aged job structures

Keep Australia Working Newsletter Issue No.8, July 2010
Keep Australia Working is a Commonwealth Government Initiative to provide on the ground support and focus in twenty priority areas across Australia assessed as at higher risk during the current Global Financial Crisis.
Experience+, a suite of new services designed to support mature age Australians who want to stay in the workforce, started on 1 July 2010.
Hervey Bay TAFE on 22 July and
Kepnock High, Bundaberg on 23 July.
Careers Expos whilst these are aimed primarily at secondary school students to help them make decisions about their future education, employment and training options, there will also be information for adults considering retraining or changes to their career path.
For mature age Jobseekers, Experience+ Career Advice might be helpful. There are now free professional career planning sessions and a résumé appraisal service for Australians aged 45 and over. A professional Career Adviser can help identify skills, explore career options and develop a personal plan to achieve goals. Jobseekers can call 13 17 64 to book an appointment. To make the most of a session, do some of the activities in My Guide on the My Future website. The Career Adviser can also review your current resume and provide detailed feedback and suggestions.
A reminder that small and medium sized employers and group training organisations who take on a young apprentice in a skills shortage trade occupation may be eligible to receive the Apprentice Kickstart Extension which triples the first year incentive payment. This incentive is available now and will be available until 12 November 2010. For more information, see the Apprentice Kickstart factsheet, visit the Australian Apprenticeships website or contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre.
For Existing Workers, Experience+ provides information and assistance to help workers prepare financially for retirement, move to a less physically demanding role, or get support to stay with their current employer.
Construction and manufacturing workers (55 years and over) in Priority Employment Areas can access tailored assistance and training through Job Services Australia to move to a less physically demanding role. Mature age workers whose job is at risk due to a health condition may be able to access tailored face?to?face training and support to help them keep their job.
The Regional Employment Plans for all 20 priority employment regions have now been published on the internet. My Regional Employment Plan draws on the expertise and ideas of committee members, people who attended the Keep Australia Working Forum in October last year and other stakeholders. You can access the Bundaberg – Hervey Bay Regional Employment Plan from the website:? (Scroll to QLD, then Bundaberg – Hervey Bay).
Our Contact details:? Ph 0412 772 307 Ph 4617 8609;
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Employers may be able to access grants of $4950 to train their mature age workers (55 years and over) so they can provide supervisory or mentoring support in the workplace. More information on these initiatives is the Experience Plus website or call 13 17 64.
Fact Sheets on the Experience Plus initiative:-
These are available at:

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