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July 6th, 2010

Dear Members & Supporters

Well, I’m back from our overseas holiday – this time we visited London and then 16 days through central Europe…..magnificent!   Our Executive meeting was held on Tuesday of this week, and its quite unbelievable just how much the Chamber Committee are getting involved with this year.  Your committee is really putting in a lot of time, and energy to keep pushing for a better business climate in this City. I am attaching the Minutes for May for your interest.  I am more than happy to also take any comments, suggestions etc that anyone may have and will forward on to the Committee for discussion.   Regarding meetings:   July is REST MONTH!   The Chamber is putting our monthly breakfast into the ‘spelling paddock’ for the month of July, but we are back again on August 10th with a guest speaker.  Don Keady is CEO of The Australian Institute of Sales, Marketing and Management. He also owns and runs Sydney Harbour Radio and oversees 4 other companies, two of them are National Franchises.  He also acts as a mentor to growing businesses throughout Australia.   September is our AGM and we will be focusing on local issues which the Chamber has been working on and which should interest most of our members.

MB Chamber minutes May 10-1

Regards Shona

Soenaid Mulholland


PO Box 282


Mobile : 0407 872 876

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