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May 18th, 2010

Hello Fraser Coast Friends – of the Tiger

Congratulations to each and every one of you for the obvious passion you hold for the establishment of a Melbourne – Hervey Bay Air Service.

We have certainly caught the “Eye of the Tiger” and at our meeting last week with the Managing Director, she was somewhat impressed with the vigour of voting for the Fraser Coast route!

But, there is much more work to do.  We have their attention, and I do believe that we are on a positive path, BUT, Tiger is a low cost airline – which means that all marketing dollars and support come from sources other than their own!  Fraser Coast Regional Council, Tourism Queensland, Fraser Coast South Burnet Tourism Board and Industry partners will all be asked to contribute to a marketing campaign if we are successful, but every resident of this community and every interested party that wants this service can play a part in securing this route by participating in our own low cost campaign.  By building our own data base of people that will use this service, we have a powerful negotiating tool when we go back to Tiger for further discussion. This data base will not be released to the Airline, unless a route is secured.

All you need to do is circulate this email with the fervour of the last, and ask everyone to register on the following link:

Thanks once again for your terrific support

Kind regards

Cr. Anne Nioa

Fraser Coast Regional Council

Mb: 0418 741 624

Received and published by Henry Sapiecha 18th May 2010

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