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March 27th, 2010


Meeting commenced at 7.35pm


Donna Gibson, Mal Chard, Helen Day, Bruce  Noble, Tania Durham, Greg Harth, Scott Kelly, Bill Brown,  Carol Robertson, John Turnbull, Henry Sapiecha, Paul Deakin,

VISITORS: Tony Weaver, Cr David Dalgleish, Cr Les Muckan, Justin Laughton, Paul Moller


Bill Gosewisch, Von Noble, Gerard O’Connell, Barbara Hovard, Andrew Jackson, Chris Foley, Margaret Tracey, Lloyd & Ann Madden


Moved Mal Chard, seconded by Scott Kelly that minutes of previous meeting be accepted as true and correct


Railway land – Mal is having a meeting next week the ministers minders and 3 representatives from QR

GUEST SPEAKER: Mr Tony Weaver (Director of Better Development & Training)

Tony has been involved with the Mackay Bowen Basin mining commission for 9 years.

Now working  with State government program, & Focus group with State managers for mining companies.

Mackay  & mining region expanded without infrastructure causing a lot of issues.

Using this information to identify infrastructure required to avoid the same problems.

The Wide Bay Focus group (currently operating out of Bundaberg) will have representatives from the Community,  Industry bodies, State & local Government & mining companies. There is a hope that having representatives from all levels of federal & state government that if hold ups arise in particular areas / departments that they can be sorted out. Has been more flexibility from State Government with Local and Federal involvement.

Tony will send through details of a Public website that has information regarding the mines, recruitment, professional development, How it will affect business and what opportunities there may be.

They are wanting to work with Business’s and the focus group will be having public forums.

Next phase is working out required infrastructure and long term development plan.

There will be additional support and subsidies for local companies that want to support the mines. They want to use as many local businesses as they can to either supply direct or sub contract to larger companies. Hopefully will see some local businesses grow from small – medium or medium to large businesses.

Working towards changing culture & barriers within communities.

Sending in infrastructure support staff to help redesign businesses to come in line mining industry business. Frame work available on line.

Transport and distribution have to be in place.

The Focus Group will be setting up a realistic time frame of events. This will be released publically in about 5-6 weeks. It’s all about transparency.

There is federal & State funding to help develop business.  Be patient, information will be coming through.

Aldershot is one of 4 sites. Looking at Low impact on eco systems, coal Dust etc

Gas – a couple of companies have done exploration in the area, but no definite information at this stage.

Henry asked compared to Hervey Bay, Maryborough & Bundaberg – what can Howard offer?

Howard is central and has space.

Henry asked what type of tenants for the Fraser Coast Trades & Service Centre would support the mine requirements.

Tony said need to look at time frames that compliment requirements. Wait a month or 2 and will be able to get answers direct from mine representatives.

Carol asked if they are building new railway.

There are proposals for the Bowen  – Dalrymple and  Surat Basin to Burnett Heads

Road transport will be used to transport to train initially.

Helen asked if are looking to mine all 4 sites, Depends on testing.

They will have a better idea of employment numbers in about 4 weeks.

The Surat Basin employment numbers are expected to grow to 53,000

The suction of local staff to the mines nearly crippled Mackay and they are wanting to avoid it happening again.
Aldershot has a deeper seam  than Bowen Basin & Surat

Distance of mines from main towns is not usually a big issue.

There is possible development of airports for fly in / fly outs.

Pipeline not operational until 2014.

Aldershot would be open cut mine. Re vegetation gets put in place when mining of the site has been completed. Have had success with relocating eco system to a near by alternative site and move back when mining completed.

Question was asked about water consumption used for mining, most water from Bores and recycled water. There are new technologies for water recycling.

Large parcels of land will be needed for training site for use of machinery etc.

EQI Program –  Skills shortage report,

Fraser Coast said they have their own, Bundaberg said “we’ll help you.”

Question was asked about Sewerage – The mine companies have assisted with Sewerage and power in the past but Tony could not say either way if there would be any assistance in up grading these services here.

Information will be distributed through the Chambers and media releases. There will be more public consultations across the Wide Bay Burnett area.

There is still a lot of speculation as decisions still have to be made.

Northern Energy have speculated Aldershot mine could be mined for 25 years.

Some indigenous  representatives have already been employed to walk the cultural areas and sites etc, To Les Muckan’s delight is what said it is their land they are using.

Couple of programs have been testing, Preparing for 3-5 years, a developed program will expand to look at employing apprentices and have them work in local businesses for the first 2 years. Helps to expand local business with staff cost being covered.

The next step is the timeline for the Surat and local mines. Should know the resources needed by the end of April. Each of the board members will be looking after specific areas.

Community Services Section will be looking at infrastructure into communities for activities, events etc for families.

Medical requirements / facilities would need to be expanded.

Henry asked about Eco friendly Systems outside of the mines,  The Fraser Coast Trades and Service Centre (FCTSC) are proposing to have Solar Generators on the sheds roofs and if the mines would be interested in supporting the proposal to use the FCTSC as their base of operations for servicing the mines.

Tony advised some representatives of the mines will be addressing the community in a few weeks and to speak to them then.

Greg asked how large an area the Aldershot mine will cover. Size is not definite yet.

Question was asked about accommodation, whether it would be onsite or local. Probably some of both.  Could have transportable resort style set up onsite.

Bundaberg company are developing / producing a flat belly donga that they are very interested in.

Henry made reference to his proposed development of  300 modular homes of the Bruce Highway, as something that may suit their requirements

Tony said they will be talking at council level after the meeting in about 3 weeks.


Bank Statement

Email Brochure for the Fraser Coast Trades & Services Centre


Treasurers report February

Balance as at 1/3/2010   $1092.48

Moved by Helen , Seconded by Greg as true and correct.


Health Focus Group had a meeting with developer, looking at building  purpose built medical facilities. Maryborough Private Hospital is thinking of moving to Hervey Bay because have no ICU.

Update on dialysis, through inquiries of deliveries they have found 2 dialysis machines in a room at Maryborough not in use. David Dalgleish  will be looking into why this has happened. The Dialysis group have been trying to raise money to buy more machines

Power and Water issues in the area mean a lot of people are unable to have dialysis machines at home.

Infrastructure charges for medical services are being looked at.

How do we entice doctors to rural areas?

The proposed development in last months minutes has a red zone in the middle of it. Letters of support have been sent from the Burrum Chamber, the Burrum District Community Centre and the Howard & District Progress Assoc.

The burrum & district Heritage Society has accepted a Council lease and will be relocating some of the buildings from the old Torbanlea Museum to make a small village in front of the Burrum & District Heritage Society Museum (Howard Museum)

The old Railway signals will be relocated in front of  Burrum Street to make an Entrance

Bruce Noble – New Septic system will be complete next week.

Henry discussed with David (on behalf of John from Solarlife) the idea of the Council using Solar Systems on Council buildings, could create some employment and Council using Eco power grids being environmentally responsible. Talking about a complete new industry.

David said if presented, it would have to then go to tender.

He suggested the possibility of proposing to use Solar to power lighting on the bus shelters. John said the risk of the Solar Panels being stolen would be too high .

200 bus shelters have to be replaced to comply with disability standards. The ones they are trialing cost $15,000 in kit form – $25,000 to completed.

Henry asked for support from the council to promote the Fraser Coast Trades and Services Centre. David said the Council is reluctant to promote private business.

There are ways to expose it with out pushing it, e.g the Sustainability House was a good project for participating companies to have exposure.



Donna Gibson-Secretary

Received and published by Henry Sapiecha


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