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February 18th, 2010

The Fair Work Act & Modern Awards

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After exactly one month of operation

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland is currently examining the impact of the new Fair Work Act and modern award system on Queensland employers in order to provide feedback to Fair Work Australia and the Federal Government.

Hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders have had dramatically altered industrial relations arrangements for their workplace.

There has been significant apprehension over the Federal Government’s new ‘fair work’ national employment standards and modern industrial awards that were introduced 1 January. CCIQ now wishes to establish whether this apprehension was founded.

CCIQ wishes to analyse what level of understanding exists and at what stage of implementations are businesses at with the new changes with the possible view of seeking further awareness campaigns and a moratorium on any prosecutions arising from the new laws.

The Fair Work Act must be monitored to consider the impact of the changes on Queensland businesses, jobs and the economy.

Please take the few moments required to complete the following survey.

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